Board and staff

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The center is managed by a special management company owned by the local Scoutclub Klakkur. A specially elected board manages the affairs of the region. Hamrar's management and finances are separate from other aspects of Scouting in Akureyri.

Hamrar's board of directors for the 2022-2023 year

Bryndís Hafthórsdóttir

Ingimar Eydal

Johann Malmquist

You can send an e-mail to Hamrar's board at

Hamrar 2022 employees

One employee is full-time throughout the year and works as manager


Ásgeir Hreiðarsson -

Phone: +354 861 4611


Bryndís Vilhjálmsdóttir -

Executive Campwarden

Stip Bos -



Tumi Snær Sigurðsson - 

Every summer camp guards and workers are hired for the area, here you can access an application form or fill out an application online.

Here you can access an application form for work at Hämrum. The form can be sent to PO Box 14 - 602 Akureyri