Classification for Campsites

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Campsites in Iceland are classified according to classification criteria set by the Icelandic Tourist Board, and the classification is optional. The implementation is in such a way that the classification criteria are set up in a prominent place in the camping area and then it is up to the visitors to make sure that the area meets the requirements of its star rating. If visitors feel that the campsite in question does not meet the set requirements, they are kindly asked to send comments to the Icelandic Tourist Board on tel. +354 464 9990 or to the email address:

Campsites - categories

- The camping area must be clearly demarcated and secure.

- Campsites must be smooth and well maintained. The area must be clearly marked, as well as driving routes around it.

- The supervisor must have first aid equipment in the area.

- An information board must be available with the rules of the road and the supervisor's telephone number

- The area must be monitored daily.

- The number of toilets and sinks must take into account regulations on hygiene and have been taken out by the health inspectorate.

- Restrooms open 24 hours a day.

- Garbage must be removed regularly.

- All structures in the area must be well maintained.

- All facilities in the area must be clearly marked.

- Information on emergency numbers must be at least in Icelandic and English.

- The area must have facilities for the disposal of waste water and sludge from mobile homes or information about the nearest disposal point.


In addition to category one comes:

- Staff must be present for a minimum of two hours during the day.

- An information board with staff attendance times must be hung up.

- The service area must be lit.

- In case of emergency, there must be access to a telephone in the immediate vicinity.

- Payment cards are accepted.

- There are tables and benches in the area.


In addition to the above, there must be:

- Staff must be regularly present during peak hours (example: 8-10 and 17-21) and there must be a night shift on weekends.

- The visitor reception must be accessible with area information and information about other campsites.

- Table and chairs under the roof.

- There must be a mailbox in the area.

- Access to washing machine and drying facilities.

- Facilities for waste sorting. (at least according to the minimum requirements for the disposal of hazardous materials)

- There must be hot and cold water in the area.

- You can get all the information about the area and place accommodation orders outside the area's opening hours.

- Play equipment for children in the area.


In addition to the above, there must be:

- Staff have a permanent presence in the area from 07:00-23:00 every day.

- Guests have access to an internet connection.

- There must be separate parking spaces for mobile homes and mobile homes with access to electricity.

In addition to the above, there must be:

- 24 hour presence every day.

- Restaurant on site.

Notes on text:

· Camping area = A defined area intended for the number of tents

· Camping = A place within a designated camping area intended for a single tent (collapsible house, mobile home...)