Please notice that on our campsite there are following rules: 

1. This campsite is a family campsite, and people younger than 18 years old should be accompanied by a legal guardian. Under specific circumstances the age limit can be higher. 

2. At arrival campers should contact the campwarden and pay the accommodation fee 

3. Traffic on the campsite should be kept minimum and is limited to driving in and out of the campsite. Maximum speed is 15 km per hour. 

4. Please mind other guests at all times. 

5. Respect other guest’s night sleep between 24-08 

6. Any abuse of alcohol is prohibited at the campsite. 

7. Put garbage in correct trash bins 

8. Dogs are not allowed to be loose on the campsite or incommode or cause fear with other guests. 

9. Do not make any ruination on the nature, lodge or the campsite’s equipments. 

10.Any violation on these rules can cause expulsion off the area.


It is allowed to keep cars on the campgrounds while there is room for them. If the campwardens ask you to remove your car please do so. Car traffic on the campgrounds should always be kept minimum. All car traffic is forbidden from 00:00 – 08:00 and during that time the area roads might be closed. After 12 am you´ll have to park your car at the parking lots and walk to the campgrounds. 

Handling fireIt is forbidden to light an open fire on the area. Please be careful around barbecues and gas equipments. Please do not put disposable barbecues on uncovered ground. 

Trash is not just trash: It can be recycled

Visitors are asked to walk carefully and use the area's garbage cans and sort garbage according to the rules that are in force on the campsite. Notify the camp guard if there is a failure to empty waste containers.

Garbage sorting

We take pride in ensuring that all waste is sorted for recycling or disposal in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The rules of the municipality of Akureyri are followed and in some cases they go further than they stipulate. The classification system is still under development so that we can find the most cost-effective solutions.

The following classification applies.

  • Paper and newspapers.

  • Corrugated cardboard and smooth cardboard

  • Plastic. Must be clean

  • Avoid milk and juices. Must be clean.

  • Metals

  • All glass except drinking bottles.

  • General waste for landfill

  • Candlesticks

  • Charcoal ash

  • Batteries

  • Waste material

  • Waste oils

  • Beverage packaging cans and bottles

Garbage bin
At all toilet houses and in other parts of the area, there are garbage bin that are marked according to what can be put in them. There is one large sorting center in the area where you can get rid of all types of waste that is generated. Please respect the labels and put the correct category in the correct container.

Cans and bottles

We collect drink packaging with a return fee under the banner of the Green Scouts. Collection containers are at all toilets and elsewhere in the area. Please put bottles and cans in these specially marked collection bins rather than in the rubbish bins.