Afþreying í boði

At Hamrar, various types of entertainment are available for all age groups.

Pedal Boats

Pedal boats can be rented at the boating pond, which is very popular with all age groups. The boat rental opening hours are advertised at the dock by the pond and by the camp guards. A camp ranger must be contacted to gain access to boats. If you go out on the ponds by boat or other means, always use a life jacket. Children should never be left alone when playing at, on or in the ponds.

Mini golf

There is minigolf in the area. Clubs and balls can be rented from the ranger.

Frisbee golf, FOLF

An 18 hole Frisbee golf course is in and around Hamrar. Frisbee golf  is an exciting sport that is similar to golf, except instead you have to hit frisbee discs in specially made baskets. You can get a score card from the ranger. You can also print out the card of the trail. You can buy frisbee discs from the camp guards.

Folf -Frisbee golf - a fun public sport

Frisbee golf is played in a similar way to regular golf. Instead of golf clubs and golf balls, players use frisbee discs. This sport was developed in the 1970s and has one thing in common with regular golf that it tries to finish each hole in as few shots as possible. The puck is thrown from the teeing area towards a target which is the "hole". This hole can vary, but most often it is a custom-made basket. Players take each throw from the spot where the disc last landed. Hills, hills, trees, etc. that can be found all over the court are a challenge and an obstacle to the players in their attempts to get the puck into the basket. Finally, the "putt" ends up in the basket and that hole is then finished and you move on to the next one.

Football game

A giant football game has been set up in Hamrar, which is fun to try. It reminds of table football, but instead people participate as players themselves.People tie themselves up and try to score against their opponents.


At Hamrar there are 3 different ponds. The bottom pond is called Bátatjörn where pedal boats can be rent. The nearest pond above is called Vaðtjörn. It is shallow and you can wade there. There is a trail over the pond and a puzzle track for younger kids. At the mud pond there is also an outdoor shower with warm water. There you can wash off the mud and get your feet wet. The first basket on the frisbee golf course is at Vaðtjörn. The top pond is called Leikjatjörn. There you can wade and wade for hours, or play in specially designed play equipment, slide down a giant slide, get to the island or have a pillow fight. Attention is still drawn to the fact that children should never be left alone playing at the ponds.

Football field and playground

Soccer fields and playing surfaces are in the area above the giant soccer field. There are two playgrounds for children. One of them has swings, a climbing frame, a climbing wall, a sandbox and a slide which is located behind the green barn at pitch 1. The other field is at pitches 7, 8 and 9 and has a slide, swings, road salt, a rocking horse and a sandbox.


On and around Hamrar, the nature is spectacular and diverse. Many pleasant hiking trails lead from Hamrar, both into Kjarnskóg, out to Nausta- and Hamraborgir or up to the hammers above the camping area. For those who want to go on longer trips, there is a route to Súlur from Hamrar, which is a pleasant change from the "traditional" Súlur route. The camp warden can provide all information about exciting hiking trails in the area.

Map of walking paths