Country house built in 1930. The building has various facilities that are useful for the area and the scouts in the town. An old barn and stables by the farm are being used as storage and tool sheds for the camping area and the outdoor life center.


A mobile classroom located at Hamra I, where the area's staff facilities are located.


There was also a farm that was built in 1956 but was rebuilt in its current form in 2000. There is a local service house with sleeping facilities for 18 people in the loft. There are two toilets , a shower,a dining room,a kitchen and a room with brochures, maps and various information for tourists. The service house is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm during the general summer holidays. Apart from that depending on attendance and other circumstances.


Hamrar's Barn is a good shelter against water and wind. It has a spacious hall with tables and benches. There are also cooking facilities for groups. The barn is an ideal facility for gatherings and barbecues of 80 - 100 people. The load is not heated and its use must be ordered in advance by calling +354 8630725 or at the email address


The office is in a small building that is attached to the Barn.


There are three fully equipped toilet houses with eight toilets and four showers . In two of them, there is a toilet with access for the disabled and a shower in one. At all the houses there are outdoor sinks, facilities for taking water from bottles and trolleys, and facilities for emptying the toilet and washing cars and trolleys. The restrooms are located so they serve certain areas in the best possible way. Bóndi is at pitch 5 and is intended to serve pitches 1-6. Kerling is at pitch 9 and is intended to serve pitches 7-11. Krummi is at pitch 14 and is intended to serve pitches 12-16. In addition to this, the area has one smaller toilet house with five toilets located at pitch 16. In the green barn at pitch 1 there are four toilets. In the service building there are two toilets and a shower. During peak times, toilets and shower containers are also used.


The scout club Klakkur has 3 camping cabins in the vicinity of Akureyri: Valhöll, Fálkafell and Gamla. Valhöll is a bigger and  more modern cabin equipped with electricity, toilets, showers, kitchen and dining room, as well as a sleeping loft for 20 people and 2 seperate rooms. Valhöll is approximately 7 km. from Hamrar. The cabin can be rented if you order in advance by calling 843-0002 or by email at