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Opening hours

The campsite is open all year round. The traditional opening hours of the campsite at Hamrar with full service is from the beginning of May until the end of October. Outside this period, the camp warden is contacted to gain access to e.g. to the kitchen, showers, washing machine, etc. For more information, call +354 461-2264 or +354 863-0725.

Winter service

Although the campsite is open all year round, the winter service at Hamrar is  based on a very limited presence of wardens between October 15th and May 15th. At this time of the year, however, all general services are available, e.g. access to toilets, showers, kitchen and electricity. You should contact the camp warden before or upon arrival at Hamrar. Information about phone numbers can be found here on the page under contact and on information boards at Hamrar. Due to the weather and snow, it may be difficult to get to the site and snow removal to the area is not a priority, but it is cleared as soon as possible. At this time of year, camping areas are often wet or full of snow, so it is assumed that people park their motorhomes and caravans in the parking lots.

The campsite

The camping area is divided into 16 camping areas with vegetation belts in between. The surfaces all have names, but their numbers are most often used. The area is roughly divided into three smaller areas of similar size. Tent areas 1 to 6 together with the barn, the entrance and the service house at Hamrar 2 form one area. In the center of it is a service building with toilets and showers. That house is called Bóndi.

Another area has pitches 7 to 11 and there is a house in the middle with toilets and showers. There is also a toilet and shower  with access for the disabled. This house is called Kerling. The third area includes pitches 12 to 16 and the service house Krummi serves them. As in the other buildings, there are good sanitary facilities with toilets and showers, and a toilet and shower  with access for the disabled.

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Click here for a Map off the area

At Hamrar, there are very good facilities located widely and around the area. In total, there are 36  toilets in heated buildings with hot and cold water. One toilet is not heated and only has cold water. There are shower facilities in three of these buildings and in the service building at Hamrar 2. A total of 14 showers. Toilets with showers with acces for the disabled  are in two of the service buildings  Washing facilities are outside by all toilets and there are taps to fill water bottles. At the three large service buildings, there are facilities for emptying travel toilets and grey water (wastewater) from motorhomes and caravans.


The three large toilet houses have hot water and four showers in each house. Access to the showers is included in the accommodation fee.

Toilets with disabled access

The area has two toilets and two showers with access for the disabled.

Washing machine and dryer
The campsite has access to a washing machine and dryer for a fee. 100 ISK  and 50 ISK coins are used to get them operated The camp warden exchange coins and sells laundry detergent aswell.


Campsite information phone at Hamrar +354 461 2264 and +354 8630725


The camp warden provides all information about the campsite. They are usually in the area between 7 am and midnight and longer during peak hours. Camp wardens also provide information about various things that may concern the camp guests' stay in Akureyri and the surrounding area. Various travel and service brochures are available in the service building. It is not certain that you can meet them at the service houses at all times, because they also carry out various tasks in the area, e.g. cleaning or maintanance activities. The phone number for the camp warden on duty is +354 863-0725


At Hamrar, it is possible to connect to electricity on all numbered areas, and there are a total of about 250 connections in the area. Only those who have paid for it have access to electricity. Each socket/outlet is only intended for one tent unit but connecting multiple units is prohibited. Only electrical equipment intended for outdoor use may be used. Use should be kept to a minimum, overcharge causes an electrical short-circuit. You must use special three-pin claws on connection cables or special adapters. The camp warden sells these kind of adapters.